09-11-2008 The calm before the storm, Hurrincane Ike is on its way but it didnt stop some die hard team ropers. There were 85 teams and it was a good roping. Ike did however put a damper on the Tammy Mckinnney Memorial that was scheduled for Sunday 09-14, that roping has been rescheduled for Nov. 16th. Stay safe!
 09-01-2008 The Labor Day Buckle roping had a great turn out , There was 160 teams in the #9 roping, 165 teams in the #11 roping and 44 teams in the #13 roping, where the times got pretty rapid. It all wrapped up about 8:00 pm. Check out the results and photos of the buckle winners, See you Thursday 09-04-2008 for the #10 Buckle Roping.

08-28-2008  Its the Labor Day Weekend there are alot of ropings going on , but we still had a good turnout for the Thursday night roping, there were 125 teams, the roping ran good and was over about 10:30. Everyone seems really pleased with the new number format using the USTRC numbers. The Labor Day Buckle roping is Monday Sept. 1st in Gonzales, bring your rope and your horse win a buckle and some cash!! See you there!

The first ropng which was held Thursday night 8-21-2008 with the new format using  USTRC numbers was a big success drawing a total of 170 teams. Check out the results page for the winners and the photos page for pictures of the buckle winners. Things ran smooth and everyone had a good time. Check out our Upcoming Events page for the next roping, hope to see you there!
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