March 29,2009 Ropings

        #3 & below USTRC or 1/2 OTRA Draw Pot Buckle Roping     

                        Average Winners 

Jason Applet (heeler)  Carl Hermes(header)

                  4 & below USTRC or #1 OTRA Draw Pot Saddle  Roping     

                                           Average Winners 

       Marcus Aparicio(Heeler)  Brad Metting(Header

      #4 & below USTRC or #1 OTRA Draw Pot Saddle Roping 

                 **SADDLE WINNERS **** TIE****

          Raul Hernandez and Shawn Egg

                 #6 & below USTRC or #2 OTRA Draw Pot Saddle Roping    

            Alex Flores (with his kids)     and       Shawn Egg

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